The Travelling Primate's Tips For Travel and Wildlife Photography:

  1. Know your equipment - this is a no brainer for the experienced photographer but for the uninitiated you should practice, practice practice. For wildlife go to your local zoo or city park. Practicing on squirrels and birds will payout when you are on Safari!
    • Here is tip directly from James Blue of When using Canon you can change which button activates focus. This feature has been on many of the upper level SLR's from Canon since back in the film days. The trick is to turn off the shutter bottom focus and switch it to the AF button on the rear of the camera. Then, this is where it gets good, you switch the focus mode from One Shot to Servo. Why? well now you have One Shot and Servo in one button. Servo is activated as long as the AF button is depressed but One Shot is simulated by pressing the AF button until focus is achieved. I love this trick because it separates exposure and focus and allows a fantastic way to switch between One Shot and Servo without actually having to switch!
  2. Have a good bag. A good bag is a very personal choice but it should hold what you need/want including a few extra items like a snack or water and allow for easy access to gear. 
  3. Anticipate! Learn a bit about animal behaviour so that you can predict what the animal will do.
  4. If you are on Safari pick a place that is known for its animals and scenery a few places that I love include Bushman's Kloof and Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa and Anja, Andasibe, and Isalo National Park in Madagascar. 
  5. Be patient - animals are on their own schedule and a little patience will go along way.

More to come...