Travis Steffens

I am a Conservation Ecologist that studies lemurs in Madagascar. My broad interests include conservation ecology, biogeography and landscape ecology. My current research is focussed on looking at how primate communities and species respond to habitat fragmentation.


Travis Steffens and his research team

Travis Steffens and his research team


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Peer Reviewed Submitted and In Preparation:

Steffens T.S., Ramsay M.S., & Lehman S.M. (In Prep). Enter the matrix: habitat use by Microcebusspp. in a fragmented landscape.

Steffens T.S., Mercado Malabet F.M, & Lehman S.M. (In Prep). Lemur species-specific landscape scale responses to habitat loss.

Steffens T.S., Abdul H., Rabe H., & Razafitsalama M. (In Prep). Change in resident knowledge and attitudes towards conservation of lemurs following conservation action.

Other Publications:

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